Did you Know?A study in the journal Orthopedics reported that a significant percentage of parents will likely experience back pain. This can be triggered by an action as simple as picking up your child. Massage therapy can help relieve this pain.



This is where we will be listing some of our favorite resources and businesses that we believe in and support. They are all part of a much larger network of businesses and entrepreneurs – a network that’s constantly growing and helping people achieve their dreams of success, whatever those may be. Please feel free to contact Adrienne if you would like to learn more about this network.

  • BNI
    Business Network International. A referral based networking organization.
  • S.U.R.G.
    Synergy United Referral Group is a chapter of BNI, of which Adrienne is a member.
  • ChiroSprots USA
    This Chiropractic office works closely with Adrienne Marchiano CMT. Also a member of S.U.R.G.
  • Art&Design
    Where artwork is art that works! The creator of this website. Also a member of S.U.R.G.

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