Top 6 Benefits of Getting a Regular Massage (Plus 7 Bonus Benefits!)

Leading a busy life means that setting time aside for rest and regeneration is a must. The more you put yourself out there, the more you need to make sure you have time to recharge. Thanks to the public’s rising interest in holistic and homeopathic treatment, getting a massage is now considered a necessity rather than a luxury—and can, in fact, be just the thing your body needs to heal and regenerate. There are certainly a myriad of massage benefits that make it your best—and most tempting—option. We’ll cover six of them here:

1.  Relaxation

An hour-long massage session helps you relax by lowering the heart rate. It also reduces your levels of insulin and cortisol, which are essentially your body’s main stress hormones.

2. Rejuvenation

Top 6 Benefits of Getting a Regular Massage Plus 7 Bonus Benefits1Other than stimulating cell renewal, a full-body massage can transform the overall look of your skin. Getting a deep exfoliation massage will remove dull surface cells and unravel young, supple skin underneath.

3. Mental Focus

Massage not only heals the body but also the mind. Since it provides quick pain relief, your concentration improves significantly.

4. Lower Anxiety and Stress

Endorphins a.k.a. “happy hormones” are released when you get a massage. Increasing the flow of these hormones gives you a feel-good sensation, effectively keeping anxiety and stress away.

5. Increased Circulation

Once any muscle tension is relieved, tight muscles will stop contracting on your blood vessels. This gives them the room they need to function optimally, consequently improving blood flow throughout your body.

6. Better Sleep

Multiple studies have shown that massage drastically improves the quality of a person’s sleep. When you have less pain and stress, you’re more comfortable, you sleep more soundly.

Still not sure if getting a massage is for you? Check out these bonus benefits you’ll definitely love:

Bonus Benefit 1: Improved Range of Motion

By relieving the tension in your joints and muscles, massage improves your flexibility and dexterity. Looser joints and flexible muscles make you less prone to injuries.

Bonus Benefit 2: Reduced Pain

Massage helps your body close its so-called “pain gate” by stimulating nerve fibers and stopping pain messages coming from and going to the brain.

Bonus Benefit 3: Reduced Edema or Swelling

To relieve edema or swelling, you need to get fluid moving through and out of your body. Massage opens up the body’s natural pathways, improving circulation and blood flow, hence making it the best treatment option for this.

Bonus Benefit 4: Faster Recovery

Getting a massage after rigorous exercise not only feels good; it helps reduce pain and encourages sore muscles recover faster.

Bonus Benefit 5: Better Muscle Elasticity

Your muscles are manually stretched and manipulated during a massage, which promotes and maintains their flexibility and elasticity.

Bonus Benefit 6: Improved Posture

Massage gets your body on track by loosening the muscles that are made sore by improper posture. Less tension in these muscles can lead to an improvement on the way you sit and stand.

Bonus Benefit 7: Aromatherapy for Emotional and Mental Assistance

Massage centers are known for diffusing essential oils, which have been known to improve a person’s mood and help with overall wellness.

For decades, professional athletes have been turning to massage therapy to make sure they perform at their top levels. But it doesn’t mean you need to be a professional athlete in order to enjoy all these massage benefits. You deserve to perform at your best, optimal self, regardless of your career. Make yourself a priority now and your future self will thank you for it.

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